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Engagement ring forever - Wedding Rings

Engagement ring forever - Wedding Rings

The band seen from the side is an infinity, the beginning of a story forever.
It can be fitted with the forever rings complementing each other. A symbol of eternal union.

We want to create with you the perfect ring for her, full of meaning, that captures the essence of her story, fits her style and your budget.
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The following table is a visual reference guide. It has approximate prices for our rings according to their diamond (Si1 Quality as a reference), including the 18k gold band. The final price may have small variations according to the gold (yellow gold, white gold, rose gold), the size of the ring and the quality of the diamond. Write us to have a more detailed quote! Quote

0.1ct 3mm 1,800,000
0.2ct 3.8mm 2,550,000
0.25ct 4mm 3'300,000
0.3ct 4.3mm 4'400.000
0.5ct 5.1mm 7,700,000
0.7ct 5.8mm 12,200,000
1.0ct 6.5mm 19'800.000


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