By Camila Muñoz

Welcome to the FUNBLOG

Dear Fun Society member,

Welcome to this space of disconnection from the real world, and connection with yourself and your inner child. I am Camila, co-founder of Fun Society, I am 26 years old, I am a rather nostalgic designer and I am learning to be an adult. From here I want to infect you with a bit of fun and good energy so that you can live life a little more FUN.

At Fun Society we know what it's like to reach adulthood with uncertainty , without really knowing what to do, what you want, what makes you happy, if you are who you really want to be or who the real world asks you to be. They call us the Peter Pan generation , the adults who do not want to stop being children, and although for some this is a weakness, we find it a great strength.

In this blog you can find something about FUN every week, how we find inspiration in our memories and our inner child, and how you too can take advantage of it for your life . I will tell you personal and entrepreneurial anecdotes. We'll talk about nostalgia, cravings, memories, our favorite childhood series and toys, the frustrations of growing up and how to deal with them while having fun.

I want you to feel part of this community where we just want to be more authentic and feel more FUN.

We wait for you in the next entry. For now, I recommend this playlist on Spotify so that you enter the FUN STATE OF MIND that I was in when I wrote this welcome:

Don't forget to have FUN,