About us - THE SOCIETY

Welcome to this Design House where cravings live, here you are free to be whoever you want, we re-signify your memories and desires in design pieces and experiences that please your inner child. We create a universe free from the rules of the world - especially the adult world -.

In this new society we always celebrate luxury and freedom, the society of partying and nostalgia. Why a society? As a society we share common desires, tastes and memories . This is what unites us and gives meaning to what we do. WE ARE FUN SOCIETY inc. We are - you and we -

We are a Colombian design house. We turn fun into luxury materialized in jewelry and clothing for adults who do not want to stop being children.

Our production is 100% Colombian: the designs originate in our studio and are manufactured by local jewelers and artisans, and made in Colombian workshops, which allows us to have control over the quality of our products.

The founding partners: three industrial designers with the soul of children and a great capacity for wonder. We created this house to create without limits and PLAY.


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